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Community Helpers in Las Vegas!

The time has come for our communities to unite and come together to help prevent senseless tragedies. At Helping HART (HHART), we are committed to working with both law enforcement in addition to public officials on all levels to help prevent hit-and-run auto accidents. At HHART, we have stated many times in the past that our primary efforts and goals are to prevent hit-and-run auto accidents. Our hearts go deeper than that, though. We want to be actively involved in creating a change to prevent all auto accidents related to negligent driving. The victims of the various auto accidents we are trying to prevent don’t deserve the trauma and pain they are being forced to endure because of the selfish actions of somebody else.

Community Helpers In Las Vegas

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We Need The Help Of The Entire Las Vegas Community To Get The Best Results

If you aren’t aware, we want to make you aware: “We can’t do this by ourselves!” We need your help! We are calling on the entire community to come forward and let us know a way that you can actively take part in our “Community Helpers in Las Vegas” program. The Community Helpers in Las Vegas program allows members of your community to come forward and offer services to help push our efforts faster than we could ever do it alone. You don’t understand that impact that a single person can have on our Community Helpers in Las Vegas program can have. Your help is so critical that a single person can help increase our effectiveness in the community of Las Vegas on exponential levels.

Please! Do not just sit by and think that others have already volunteered and that somehow you’ll simply be a number in our system. That truly is not the case. HHART needs every bit of help that we can get more than you know. We know and believe there are others that share our passion! We have already seen this firsthand within the Las Vegas Police Department and several active members of the Las Vegas Community that have reached out to let us know they believe in HHART and our mission objectives. You can be a part of the solution and help put an end to hit-and-run auto accidents on a level beyond your imagination.

HHART is calling you out to do your part!! You have nothing to lose and the changes you will help make will certainly save lives as our efforts manifest into actual change. HHART knows and understands that your schedule is busy. We get that. We all live busy lives. Please don’t let your busy schedule prevent you from saving a life. We can and will work around your busy schedule and lifestyle. If we could get a couple of hours per month, we would be more than grateful. Please remember that people are dying from these tragedies. Loved ones are dying. Somebody has lost a brother, a daughter, a mother, a father, aunt, uncle, and even close friends. Our point is that our mission is real, and actual people are being affected by the senseless acts of others. HHART wants you to know and believe that you CAN make a difference and we welcome you to reach out and join our Community Helpers in Las Vegas program and do your part.

Help Protect Our Community by Joining the Community Helpers in Las Vegas Outreach Program

By joining our Community Helpers in Las Vegas program, we want to let you know you will make a difference in the lives of others. Your efforts will provide exponential value to the lives of others in ways that we can’t even quantify. Imagine being a part of our Community Helpers in Las Vegas program and you help save just a single life. Please understand that even if we save one life, that means one more person made it home safely to their family. You don’t know and we can’t predict the lives that we will save. Take a moment and daydream with us, show some hope and inspiration, and imagine that we only save the life of a single person. The one life you help save could be a single mother of three children that have nobody else in their life. We don’t know how many people or who we will help, but know that it will be worth it. Somebody will be eternally grateful for your efforts. Take a moment and reach out to HHART and sign up to join our Community Helpers in Las Vegas program.

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