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Being the victim of a hit-and-run accident can be traumatic, to say the very least. Helping Hart has goals to provide victim services and assistance to help out in various ways. As we grow our associate’s network and expand our current resources, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide services that will bring the tools that we need to help those that need them the most.

Helping HART is more than just a business to us. The passion and inspiration behind Helping HART hit us very close to home. The services we provide reflect that in the level of care and attention that we put into every single thing we do. To read more about why Helping HART is close to our hearts, please take a moment and read through “Our Story.”

Direct Victim Services
Isn’t Always The Most Effective

There are many ways that we intend on providing victim services to those involved hit-and-runs. Many of the services that we provide to assist these victims will be in a way that indirectly benefits hit-and-run victims as a whole. But in our hearts, beliefs, and analysis, we know this is how we will be able to achieve the best results in the long run.

Our wholehearted approach to making sure we operate in the most effective manner possible to provide these victim services is what makes us unique. There will be times when direct services are available through the donations and generosity of others. In these moments that resources are available, we will provide information on applying for and receiving these victim services as an individual.

Victim Services Working Together

Law Enforcement Helped Our Hearts Heal

The people we rely on the most in our everyday lives are the ones that can truly help the most and in the most direct ways possible. These people risk their lives every single day to help ensure the safety of everyone in their community. We plan on focusing considerable efforts on finding ways and avenues to help law enforcement. We are constantly looking for new and bright ideas to help make law enforcement jobs more manageable and more effective. With this level of help and dedication, we believe we can provide the most significant benefit for each community as a whole.

When law enforcement can do their jobs easier and faster, more people are assisted, including victims of hit-and-runs. Justice has been served through the commitment and dedication of law enforcement officers on thousands of cases all across the entire United States. Our own particular story was brightened by the efforts of law enforcement and their refusal to quit looking and keep pushing forward. We are so eternally grateful for the services law enforcement provided and their actions in solving the case. These heroes are the people that can help us reach out and assist the most hit-and-run victims.

Victim Services Officer Ott

PHOTO CREDIT : Alex Horvath / The Bakersfield Californian

Our Family

Will Be Forever Grateful

Without the tireless efforts of Bakersfield Police Officer Chad Ott, our family may have never found closure. Officer Ott never gave up on seeking justice in the hit-and-run crime committed on July 22, 2020. We will never be able to express how grateful we are. Officer Ott’s relentless dedication to solving the case gave our family the chance to heal.