Charity Event

Community Involvement is Key

Hosting a charity event is a great way to raise money for a cause while also raising awareness. The best way to make a real change is by having as much community involvement as possible. We at Helping HART (a.k.a. HHART) believe that strong ties in the community are vital to our success. We know that without the help of the community, we will never meet our goals.

The more we can get the community involved through fundraisers or sponsor a charity event, the higher chance we can make genuine change. Hit-and-run accidents are a senseless crime that leaves the victim without answers and families without closure in the worst of outcomes. Be a part of creating a better tomorrow for the people we love.


Charity Events Helping Others

Upcoming Awareness Charity Events

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Past Events

2023 Inaugural Gala

We raised $63,500 

Walk Like MADD 2023

They raised over $55,000 

Walk Like MADD 2022

They raised over $55,000 


They gave $2,000 to each of the following organizations: 

  • MADD
  • American Legion Riders Chapter 26
  • Kern County 999 Foundation
  • Kern River Blue Star Moms

RAISED OVER $55,000!

This is what happens when our community comes together!

We Could Use Your Help

Community involvement is critical. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help us grow, please contact (internal link) us today. We want and need the community to play a massive role in our growth. The more people who take a stand against the hit-and-run epidemic plaguing our nation, the quicker we will see a change.

Making A Difference

Hosting a charity event not only contributes to furthering Helping HART’s mission but also builds relationships. We are working closely with Law Enforcement and other charities to make the most significant impact possible. Throughout the year, we will host various charity events for our donors, professional advisors, local nonprofits, and interested community members to connect, raise awareness, and give meaningfully together. Together we can make a difference and put an end to hit-and-run tragedies.

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