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HHART Associates Are

Important to Our Cause

As part of our goal to build community awareness and help create a safer driving experience, we need the help of many different agencies and people just like you to help support the cause.
There are many ways that various businesses and people can assist in helping with our efforts to help reduce or prevent hit-and-run tragedies.
In addition to building awareness to lessen the tragedies and senseless losses that happen every day with hit-and-runs across the country, we also want to make sure that we don’t keep our scope too narrow.

Charity Organization Awareness
Ability To Adapt And Evolve

Fluid Goals and Ability to Adapt to
Our Charity Organizations Needs

We know and understand that brilliant and practical ideas don’t always happen overnight. Ideas are rarely perfect right from the start for most charity organizations. Our primary goal is to expand where we can and based on the resources that are we have available.
It is and always will be to make the most of all the resources that we have available. As such, we have faith that as new resources become available through our associates’ help, aid, and generosity, we will enhance our current offerings and create new ideas and think outside the box to integrate ideas to help guarantee success in our efforts.

Example Businesses That Can Help Our Cause

Businesses Can Help

Easier Than You Think

Aside from individuals, there are many different kinds of businesses that can provide our charity organizations with invaluable resources to assist our cause. The best part is, many times these resources are often readily available and easy to provide.
Many different businesses can help provide resources that will provide powerful insight and strategy to our efforts.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Crime Analysis Agencies

City Planning Departments

Law Offices & Attorneys

Victim Advocate Services

Professional Counselors

Medical Supply Companies

Countless Other Companies

Growth Is Achieved
in Numbers and Volume

Currently, based on the resources and structure that we have within our organization, we need help more than ever to raise awareness. To help put an end to these senseless and cowardly acts that have such tragic and devastating effects on the victims and the victim’s families and loved ones as well.
Only with the help and generosity of others like yourself can we finally get to a point where we can provide an effective effort to our goal. Even if you do not have resources available yourself, we welcome suggestions and ideas for offering various services and steps to help people in the future.
We love hearing from our current associates and future friends and associates who believe in our cause. Only through the efforts of a community will we be the most effective and the strongest in achieving our goals.

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