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During the last few weeks, HHART has been actively communicating with multiple officials from the Las Vegas Police Department. At first, we didn’t really know what to expect before we met with the Las Vegas Police Department. The efforts of HHART are unique because there aren’t many organizations like us that are pursuing the end of hit-and-runs. At HHART, we know where our passion is and we certainly feel it throughout the depths of our entire soul. Like any new encounters, we could only hope that the Las Vegas Police Department shared our passion and were at least “interested” in what we had to say and offer.

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Las Vegas Police Department Believes in Saving Lives

Speaking from a very personal and real perspective, the response we received from the officials at the Las Vegas Police Department blew us away. Not only did the Las Vegas Police Department share our passion for change, but we learned they were already working on efforts tirelessly to help end hit-and-run accidents throughout their city. They filled our hearts with warmth and care from the welcoming kindness they showed. The officials of the Las Vegas Police Department are also passionate about helping put an end to the selfish and negligent actions of irresponsible drivers. It is truly a blessing to know that others believe in our message and mission statement as much as we do. It was even more of a blessing to learn that the Las Vegas Police Department was already actively seeking solutions to the very issues we aim to help prevent.

It is moments like these that all of us at HHART know we are on the right path. It is such a wonderful revelation to know that we can provide inspiration and help provoke the manifestation of a genuine change in a community as large as Las Vegas. We will continue to work with the officials of the Las Vegas Police Department to help provide positive action toward our shared goals and views against hit-and-runs in the city of Las Vegas. HHART is fully committed to providing all the support we can in these trying times. We are proud to know that the leadership of the Las Vegas Police Department shows and executes such an active approach to providing a positive change in their community.

At HHART we hope that all the police departments across the entire United States are as committed and actively involved as the Las Vegas Police Department. HHART wants to take part in helping provide avenues for change. Our goal is to revolutionize the methods and approaches for catching hit-and-run drivers to where everyone realizes there’s no point in trying to run. HHART wants to make sure that our communities know fully that there is a zero tolerance for this kind of negligence and we will do everything within our power to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to catch every single hit-and-run suspect. That’s a promise you can count on.

HHART Believes In Las Vegas Police Department And Their Ability To Help Save Lives

In closing, we would like to provide a very heartfelt thank you to the entire Las Vegas Police Department for their acts of bravery and follow through on their promise to help keep their community safe. We know and believe their hearts are in the right place. Change doesn’t always happen overnight, but the Las Vegas Police Department seems to try with such passion and effort that we applaud them and cherish their efforts beyond comprehension. If you are reading this and you live in Las Vegas, take a moment and do something special for the brave men and women of the Las Vegas Police Department, they truly care more than you might know.

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