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Prevent Street Racing in Bakersfield

Illegal street racing brings real danger to our community and the citizens that live in our community. As the population of Bakersfield has grown, the traffic has also increased substantially. With an increased number of vehicles on the roadways, car accidents are also on the rise. It’s already difficult enough to drive in traffic and try to remain safe with the huge number of distracted drivers on the road. If we introduce street racing in Bakersfield to the mix, we are asking for chaos and unnecessary pain and suffering. Illegal street racing in Bakersfield, just like anywhere else, is a huge cause for reckless driving and other dangerous situations. In order to help keep ourselves, our neighbors and their families safe, we need to find creative ways to help end illegal street racing in Bakersfield.

Hhart Stop Street Racing Bakersfield

Dangers of Illegal Street Racing in Bakersfield Are Real

Illegal street racing in Bakersfield, just like anywhere else, has caused many fatal accidents. Beyond fatalities, there are also many life altering injuries caused by illegal street racing in Bakersfield. Street racing is highly dangerous because of the high speeds, dangerous maneuvers, and drivers pushing beyond not only their vehicle’s limitations but also their own. There is a reason racing is performed on the racetrack and not on our city streets. The racetrack doesn’t have random pedestrians walking out into the roadway, or houses and businesses along the sides. Drivers that take part in illegal street racing have a reduced reaction time to objects or even people in the roadway. Our city streets weren’t designed to have vehicles reaching speeds over 100mph. When the unexpected happens, the street racer ends up where they cannot avoid collision. Often their vehicle ends up inside of somebody’s yard, home, business, or even worse they crash into another car. Innocent people suffer the consequences of illegal street racing in Bakersfield.

End Street Racing Bakersfield

Street Racing in Bakersfield Needs to End

Law-makers and public officials agree that illegal street racing in Bakersfield needs to end. Law enforcement agencies have cited that they received over 6,000 calls related to street racing in one year. The number of citations for exhibition of speed has also increased by over 300%. Too many lives are being negatively affected by the consequences of street racing in Bakersfield. Assembly Bill 3, authored by Assemblyman Vince Fong, R-Kern County, pushes to add penalties to activities that often lead into illegal street racing. It’s a smart approach and a great first step in helping to reduce illegal street racing in Bakersfield. The bill applies penalties associated with street racing to activities such as exhibition of speed, stunt driving, and other related activities such as sideshows meant to draw crowds and larger audiences.

Why Is Street Racing in Bakersfield Dangerous?

  • Vehicles travel at exceptionally fast speeds not safe for the roadway
  • Most street racing accidents are more serious due to speed being a factor
  • Risk of great bodily injury in a street racing accident is more common
  • Many street racers are under the influence when they get caught
  • Pedestrians and people watching the street racing are often injured
  • Illegal street racers often underestimate how dangerous the situation is
  • Racing belongs on the racetrack not on our neighborhood streets

HHART Wants to Put an End to Illegal Street Racing in Bakersfield

HHART is proud to offer whatever kind of assistance we can in helping to put an end to street racing. Illegal street racing has also caused many hit and run accidents in Bakersfield. We believe in fighting battles at their source. If there is a way that HHART can help and assist, please let us know. We will be there to help push all initiatives that help eradicate illegal street racing in Bakersfield and we will reduce the number of hit and run accidents.

If you know how HHART can help end street racing, please contact us.