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Every year, approximately 1.3 million people in the United States lose their lives due to a motor vehicle accident. Statistics show that between 20 and 50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries from a car crash. Many of those injured end up permanently disabled in one way or another. Distracted drivers are directly responsible for around 25% of these car crashes. More than 12 million people suffered unnecessary life altering injuries due to the negligence of a distracted driver. The sad part is that every distracted driving car crash can and should have been avoided. The same is true about every car crash in Bakersfield that’s caused by a distracted driver. Every single day, take a moment and look around at the others on the road. You will be amazed by how many people are negligently participating in distracted driving. Every single distracted driver is a potential ticking time bomb waiting to cause a car crash in Bakersfield.

Car Crash In Bakersfield
Distracted Driving Car Crash In Bakersfield
Lives Lost Car Crash Bakersfield

Emotional Effects of a Car Crash in Bakersfield

A car crash in Bakersfield can be devastating. You are never fully prepared for the emotional and physical consequences of being in an auto accident. Recovery usually starts once the collision or car crash has been investigated, medical attention has been sought, police reports and other relevant documentation have been collected. Once the evidence is collected, and the accountability is determined, it helps make moving forward easier.

Not all injuries are visible immediately after an accident. They can still have a long-term impact on our lives. Psychological trauma is very common after being involved in a car crash. Trauma affects not only the victims but also their loved ones.

Mental and emotional injuries may include mental anxiety, emotional distress, fear, and anger following a car accident. These are a couple of traumatizing effects that can result from being involved in a car crash in Bakersfield. That’s especially true in hit-and-run accidents. Studies suggest that one-third of those involved in a non-fatal accident continue to exhibit these symptoms of emotional trauma one year after the accident.

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Physical Effects Caused
by a Car Crash in Bakersfield

The more severe the physical injuries associated with a car accident, the more likely someone can develop emotional trauma. Soft tissue injuries are almost always present after being involved in a car crash. At first, they may not appear or feel prominent. Tissue damage can often relate to more serious issues, such as surrounding and connecting tendons, muscles, and ligaments. That is why determining the extent of an injury and the potential for future pain and suffering is vital to recovering from an auto accident. Physical injuries associated with long-term effects are usually permanent disabilities, such as amputations or paralysis. Traumatic brain injuries are also common injuries caused in car crashes. Brain injuries are often permanent and result in diminished mental capacity.

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Many Different Kinds of Distractions Can Cause a Car Crash in Bakersfield

Many kinds of distractions can lead to impaired driving. The distraction caused by mobile phones is an increasing concern for traffic safety. Drivers using mobile phones are approximately four times more likely to be involved in an car crash than drivers not using mobile phones. The use of a phone while driving slows reaction times, particularly when braking and reacting to changes in traffic lights. It is also more challenging to drive a straight path and maintain a safe following distance. Hands-free phones are not much safer than mobile phones, and text messaging considerably increases the risk of accidents.

HHART is dedicated to raising awareness in the community to decrease these numbers and help create safer roads. If you or a loved one have been in a car crash in Bakersfield, Helping HART is here to help.

Odds of a Car Crash in Bakersfield Increase With Distracted Driving

The exact definition of distracted driving is relatively simple: if you engage in an activity that distracts you from the road, you are guilty of distracted driving. From drinking coffee to controlling children in the rearview mirror, a distraction from driving is far too common, and it is incredibly dangerous. When texting and driving, you lose the mental focus necessary for safe driving, even if you only look away for a second. In that very moment, anything can happen and it may be too late to react properly. In those mere seconds, you could become the cause of misery for the rest of someone else’s life. Car crashes that are directly caused by distracted drivers’ number in the thousands. Thousands of people have lost their lives every year because of negligence that didn’t need to happen. These lost lives were completely avoidable. Thousands of families forever changed because of careless acts. As a community, it is beyond critical that we start taking action to help decrease the number of injuries related to a car crash in Bakersfield. Each and every car crash in Bakersfield related to distracted driving and other careless acts while driving are completely avoidable.