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The Yellow Alert System Helps Maintain Justice

At HHART, we are actively building momentum for the re-activation and use of the Yellow Alert System in California. The Yellow Alert system is very similar to the Amber Alert system, which has proven to increase the odds of locating suspects when every second counts. If we can improve the odds of suspects being found and brought to justice, then we know we can make a significant difference in the hit and run accident victims’ lives.

Without The Yellow Alert System, Hit and Run Accidents in California Are Increasing

According to statistics provided by California Highway Patrol, 26,821 victims were affected by a hit and run accident in 2017 alone. Statistical data for 2022 has not been officially compiled to show how many hit and run accidents have already happened this year. Law Enforcement Agencies throughout California suggest that hit and run accidents are happening at a pace that might show a substantial increase in numbers by the end of the year. The Yellow Alert system would be beneficial whether we see an increase in hit and run accidents or not.

Yellow Alert System Saves Lives

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Yellow Alert Brings Justice

Without The Yellow Alert System We Can’t Keep Up

Every year, we hear news about state budgets and how challenging the current economy is. Throughout California, the impact of financial issues creates shortages of resources across the board. Yellow Alert can help increase efficiency for capturing hit and run accident suspects. Yellow Alert can reduce the time spent investigating hit and run accidents and use that time more efficiently for other critical services. By saving time and increasing efficiency in these ways, the victims of hit and run accidents benefit substantially.

Yellow Alert System Helps Law Enforcement Catch Hit and Run Suspects

After a hit and run accident happens, every second afterward is critical. Each moment the suspect remains at large is another moment that increases their odds of avoiding justice. Yellow Alert will help law enforcement catch these suspects faster. The Yellow Alert system would broadcast messages to the community informing the public of vehicle descriptions and other details to help capture the suspect. With increased public awareness, our odds of catching the suspect increase substantially. If Yellow Alert helps to arrest a single suspect involved in a hit and run accident, that might save law enforcement hundreds of hours of investigation time. The time reduction allows resources to be allocated toward other critical investigations.

Communities Will Be Safer With Yellow Alert

Yellow Alert will bring awareness to our communities in a way that we have yet to experience fully. With every suspect captured because of the success of Yellow Alert, our communities become safer. The Yellow Alert System can increase overall safety and decrease the number of hit and run accidents overall. As our community grows to understand better how the Yellow Alert system works, hit and run accidents should decline. Simply knowing that the Yellow Alert system exists will help keep honest people honest. People involved in a car accident are less likely to run away, knowing that their description could be broadcast to the entire city. When more people stay at the scene of an accident for fear of being caught, the local community benefits most.

HHART Believes in the Power of the Yellow Alert System

Our hearts go out to every hit and run accident victim worldwide. Nobody should be burdened with the grief and tragedy that are caused by hit and run accidents. HHART knows that the Yellow Alert system will benefit communities across the United States. Like anything in life, the best ideas grow like a seed. If we can achieve victory in having the Yellow Alert system implemented in California, we are confident we can help get it going in other states. Our goal at HHART is that the Yellow Alert will provide increased safety and reduce the number of hit and run accidents throughout the entire country someday.

Yellow Alert Justice Scales

Help HHART Re-activate the Yellow Alert System and Bring Justice

If you have ideas that can help get the Yellow Alert System re-activated, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. We do not and will not share your personal information with anyone.

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